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A simple, yet most impactful, personality test.

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Why use TDF instead of other personality tests?

TDF is best because...

Nothing is easier to understand.

TDF is easy to test, fun to learn, simple to understand, remember and apply. And it still has all the richness of the most complex models. Although simple, TDF does a great job accurately highlighting the characteristics of each individual.

It's too simple and sticky to ever forget.

The biggest difference with TDF is how sticky and memorable it is. TDF users remember their personal pattern and the patterns of others forever. People agree with the descriptions of their pattern, and others see them in a similar way. Other tools are much more difficult remember and recall.

You will actually use it!

Other high complexity patterning tools may satisfy our ego, but in the real world they don't get fully understood, remembered, used or applied. You will start applying TDF in relationships right away, often, and long into the future.

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Individual Assessments and Training

Ready to understand yourself and others, in both work and/or personal relationships? The pattern inventory can be done at any time, and we can provide your group with e-learning or live training. The test and training is a powerful catalyst for improving relationship dynamics.

Help for Small to Large Organizations

Achieve way more with teams that feel heard, valued and work effectively together. In addition to the testing we offer team coaching and interventions that refresh energy while building camaraderie and the motivation needed to accomplish your most challenging goals.

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